Violence in The Color Purple

A Critical Analysis of the Presence of Violence in Alice Walker's Novel and Contemporary Society

A Three-Week Unit Plan by Christopher Clark, Angela Pedrotti, Tara Sclafani, and Laura Szkudlapski

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The Color Purple


Classroom Demographics

Grade: 12th

Instructional Time: 45 minutes

Location: Urban school within the city limits of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Class Size: 24 students; 10 females, 14 males

Ethnic Background: 85% African American, 10% Caucasian, 5% Latin American



Teaching Objective

This unit was designed with students' individual needs in mind.

By combining different forms of media for students to utilize on a daily basis as a learning tool, they

will develop into well-rounded people who are capable of fulfilling a responsible, independent, and

active role in society. Covering all possible areas of development including intellectual,

social, practical, emotional, moral, and psychological, students will be learning

far beyond the subject matter being taught.