Holocaust Unit Teaching Plan

By: Anne Krenzel and John Wachen


A brief overview of our unit plan.


Day One

Contains our initial introduction to the unit with a brainstorming exercise and a separation exercise.


Day Two

General overview of the Holocaust and introduction to the novel Night by Elie Wiesel.


Day Three

First discussion of Night and poetry exercise.


Day Four

Discussion of Night continues with German viewpoint handout and discussion.


Day Five

Night discussion with handout from Maus.


Day Six

Night discussion continues with highlighted passage to be juxtaposed with video clips. Discussion about power of language.


Day Seven

Finish Night discussion and freewrite exercise. World wide web and denial texts.


Day Eight

Discussion of Diary of Anne Frank. Traumatic/ worst experience diary.


Day Nine

Scenes from the film Schindler's List with discussion of the film's portrayal of the Holocaust.


Day Ten

Discussion about the importance of audience to the writing process. Revisit diaries with different audience.


Day Eleven

Field trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.


Day Twelve

Field trip discussion and revisit brainstorming exercise from beginning of unit.