The Giver

A MultiLiteracy Approach to experiencing Lois Lowry's Novel


As a class, we attempted to create a consensus model for teaching a unit built around Lois Lowry's Newberry Award-winning novel, The Giver. This website enables an open exploration of the elements which we felt were essential to a new way of experiencing this book and its themes -- a multiliterate approach incorporating quotes from the text, journal reflections upon those quotes, thematically-related texts in various media -- all oriented toward enabling students to generate their own discourses about their experiences of The Giver .

The links here illustrate some of the possible frameworks and products which can result from thinking about this novel in various ways. They represent our work -- our reflection, discussion, conflict, and consensus -- and our development as a literacy community. We hope they will extend out into the community of the Internet, and prompt further action.