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Our class is 10th grade, college prep English class in middle-class suburban high school.

Rationale: Our rationale for this unit plan is:

  1. To identify the major themes within the novel and to compare and contrast these with their own lives.
  2. To specifically focus upon the effects technology has had upon the social world and the natural world, enabling students to better comprehend the effects of their own technological world.
  3. To equip the students with tools to identify new vocabulary words using context clues.
  4. To guide students in their efforts to understand literary characters through analysis of characters, stereotypes, and exploring their own lives.
  5. To broaden our students understanding of language--how it is ever-changing, the presence of generation gaps, cultural groups, and dialects--in order to understand their own language usage and others' around them.
  6. To equip our student with the tools to support their arguments using specific textual references.
  7. To enable students to identify and use their own strengths to demostrate full understanding of the novel through a final project of their choice.
  8. To identify the theme of silence and conformity and understand what the dangers are both within the novel as well as in our lives.
  9. To enable class discussion outside of the classroom through PICCLE discussion.

PICCLE forum: piccle.ed.psu.edu -- Feed Discussion, FD07

Lesson 1: An introduction into the novel and the lanuage within the novel.

Lesson 2: An introduction to the technology within the novel, and an open discussion about technology within our own lives.

Lesson 3: Introducing the characters of the novel and predicting what will happen.

Lesson 4: Introducing the final project; work on word puzzles in class

Lesson 5: Warning: Technology (lesson 1 of 2)

Lesson 6: Character development

Lesson 7: Warning technology (lesson 2 of 2)

Lesson 8: Warning environment

Lesson 9: Exchange and fill in word puzzles in class, work on final project

Lesson 10: The warning about silence and conformity the book gives us.

Lesson 11: Locating key scenes and pulling out supporting arguments.

Lesson 12: Working on final projects and other un-finished business.

Lesson 13: Handing in of materials and presentation of final projects.