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LLED Block Unit Plan






"To all those who resist the feed."


A Three Week Unit Plan based on M. T. Anderson's FEED

Unit Objective:  Students will be able to better understand the relationships that exist between individuals and society, including how society shapes people’s morals and understandings of themselves.  Students will also be able to relate the novel Feed to various other media and the world around them.  At the conclusion of the unit, the student should have an understanding of class structure and the effects of the media on the individual. 

Rationale:  Why FeedFeed tackles ethical and moral questions that are present in today’s society.  Feed calls on the modern teenager to evaluate their relationship with technology and the ever-important social structure in which they unknowingly partake. 

M.T. Anderson’s voice and diction direct this work at the modern teenager and provide a conduit to which complex questions regarding American consumerism and productivity can arise. 

Context:  This unit plan will be taught to a sophomore or junior class in a suburban high school.  The class will be a standard college prep track, and will contain students of various gender, race, and academic abilities.  The classroom will have access to certain technologies such as televisions, a DVD player, and a couple computers with internet access.  The high school has an average budget, and student’s household income levels vary. 

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