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Day 6

Objectives: Students will go to the computer lab to respond to the listserv. The songs/poetry group will then present their generational conflict texts, and the entire class will engage in a critical discussion of these texts.

Goals: Students will take what they have learned in the first week of the unit and apply it to the texts that they bring into class themselves. Students will demonstrate the ability to inquire into and reflect upon songs and poetry, understanding what these texts are saying about generational conflict and what biases are present in their messages.

Materials: tape player

1. Listserv
-Meet class at the computer lab.
-Give students ten minutes to read and respond to one other student's journal entry.
2. Student Presentation of Text
-Return to the regular classroom.
-Instruct the first group of students to present their texts to the class according to the guidelines presented on the group project assignment sheet.
-Ask the presenting group questions to further stimulate their thinking and critical inquiry. Invite their classmates to do the same.
3. Discussion
-Allow the presenting group to return to their seats.
-Facilitate further class discussion of their texts using a framework adapted from Ladi Semali's Literacy in Multimedia America (p. 95):
Who is speaking for whom in this text?
What sense do these representations make of the world we live in? What are the texts representing to us and how?
What are typical representations of these groups in society?
What does this example represent to me?
What does it mean to others?

Homework: Continue working on group projects. Personal narrative group must turn in their personal narrative to the teachers by Day 7.