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Day 5

Objectives: The students will complete one journal entry based on their reading of the personal narrative/case study entitled "Falling from My Pedestal." The students will then engage in a class discussion of generational conflict as portrayed in this text.

Goals: The students will be able to discuss generational conflict in the case study and connect what they have read and talked about to their own lives. They will also be able to see that generational conflict is a cross-cultural issue.

Materials: Final Project Handout

1. Journal
-Ask students to take out composition notebooks.
-Write journal prompt up on board: "In the reading for today, 'Falling from My Pedestal,' Chhaya talks about adolescent egocentrism, which she describes as 'thinking the world revolves around you.' Do you think this is a problem for your generation? For your friends? For you?"
-Instruct students to spend five minutes responding to this prompt in their journals.
2. Discussion
-Ask students to take out their copies of "Falling from My Pedestal."
-Facilitate discussion on this text:
What did you think of the narrative? Could you relate to it? How or how not?
What is the generational conflict?
What factors did you notice that contributed to cross-generational conflict?
What were some of the results of generational conflict in Chhaya's life? Do you feel that generational conflict has had a significant impact upon your life? If so, how?
Chhaya mentions messages that her parents preach to her. Do you ever feel that your parents are preaching messages to you? Do you agree or disagree with these messages and why?
How does generational conflict relate to personal identity development in this story? In your lives?
Does Chhaya's ethnic heritage affect the generational conflict? If so, how?
From whose perspective is this story told? What biases do you suspect? How might the same information be portrayed differently if it were written by Chhaya's parents instead?

3. Final Project Assignment

-Give students final project handout and discuss final project.

Homework: Continue working on group project presentations for next week. Short story group must turn in short story to the teachers by Day 6.