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Day 4

Objectives: Students will choose one journal entry to type up and send over the class listserv. They will break up into groups to discuss the short story "The Lovers" by Bessie Head.

Goals: Students will be able to share their writing with each other by means of e-mail. They will also be able to look critically into the depiction of conflict in a short story, which portrays a multicultural and alternative structural perspective on conflict. By working in groups, they will learn how to combine their ideas and write coherent answers to questions.

Materials: worksheets for "The Lovers" and copies of "Falling from My Pedestal"

1. Listserv
-Meet class at computer lab.
-Give students ten minutes to type one journal entry and post it onto the class listserv.
2. Discussion
-Return to classroom.
-Put students into five groups to discuss and collaboratively fill out worksheet about short story.
-Ask representative from each group to share findings with the class.
-Collect worksheets.
3. Group Project
-Ask for any questions about the project.
-If time allows, give groups time to meet and continue working on their presentations for the next week.
4. Adolescent Portrait
-Pass out "Falling from My Pedestal" and give students their reading assignment for Day 5.
-Remind them that effective completion of their journal entry on Day 5 will require having read the portrait.

Homework: Read adolescent portrait entitled "Falling from My Pedestal."

Special Needs Interventions: Remind student with a reading comprehension learning disability to use the CAPS self-questioning strategy while he is reading "Falling from My Pedestal."
C Who are the characters?
A What is the aim of the story?
P What problem happens?
S How is the problem solved?
*Strategy from Including Students With Special Needs: A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers by Marilyn Friend and William D. Bursuck.