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Day 3

Objectives: Students will listen to two songs relating to the theme. The students will then respond to these songs in the form of one journal entry. They will divide into four groups. Two groups will discuss the poems and two groups will discuss the songs. Discussions will focus on questions of a handout provided by the teacher. The students will then share what they have discovered with the entire class.

Goals: The students will be able to critically analyze generational conflict as depicted in music and poetry. The students will also be able to, with some guidance, discuss the given questions effectively in groups and then share their findings with the class.

Materials: copies of poems and songs, tapes with songs, 2 tape players, 2 converters with jacks for multiple headphones, and poetry and song question handouts.

1. Journal
-Ask students to take out composition notebooks.
-Give students five minutes to respond to the journal prompt on the board: "A. Think of a song that relates to generational conflict. What is the tone of that song, and what is its message about conflict? Or B. Write your own song or at least the refrain of a song about generational conflict."
-Ask for three volunteers to share their journal entries.
2. Small Group Discussion
-Divide students into four groups.
-Give two groups copies of the poems and poetry question handout.
-Give two groups copies of the songs, headphones, soundboards, cassettes, and song question handout.
-Give students time to read the poems/listen to the songs and then discuss questions on the handout.
3. Class Discussion
-Ask students to have a representative from each group share their findings.
-Ask students about representations of conflict in music and poetry.
What are some of the themes of conflict running through these texts?
How do the writers/composers use words to suggest conflict?
Are the conflicts realistic?
How might these texts affect our own perceptions of conflict?
4. Conclusion
-Collect poetry handouts.
-Remind students that this is the last day for them to sign up for their group projects.

Homework: Read the second half of "The Lovers" by Bessie Head

Special Needs Interventions: Give student with reading comprehension learning disability copies of either the poems or the songs on Day 2 so that he has time to read them in advance.


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