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Day 20

Objectives: Students will finish presenting their final projects to the class. Five students will present. The other students will observe and fill out response sheets. Each presentation will again be recorded on a Web Cam, which will be aired to other English classes in the school.

Goals: The students will work on their public speaking/presentation skills. They will also learn from each other's creative expressions and share their thoughts through the written responses. From the Web Cam, they will be able to spread their work beyond the classroom and eventually hear responses from these other classes.

Materials: Web Cam, response sheets, follow-up questions, and unit evaluation questions

1. Introduction
-Hand out response sheets.
-Hand out follow-up questions, to be completed by presenting students following their presentation.
2. Presentations
-Have students who signed up for Friday present, one at a time.
-Encourage observing students to write thorough responses during and after each presentation.
3. Closure
-Thank all student presenters (applaud).
-Remind students to bring journals to class on Monday.

1. Complete follow-up and response questions.
2. Complete unit evaluation questions.