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Day 2

Objectives: The students will complete one journal entry. They will watch a clip from a movie and engage in a guided discussion relating what they watched to the theme. They will also be introduced to the project for the upcoming week.

Goals: The students will be able to critically analyze generational conflict as depicted in movies.

Materials: VCR, videotape of The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan biography information, handout explaining group presentation project, and copies of "The Lovers" for each student

1. Review
-Discuss any questions students have about the unit.
2. Journal
-Ask students to take out composition notebooks.
-Give students five minutes to respond to the journal prompt on the board: "Create an idea for a movie plot that involves generational conflict."
3. Movie
-Instruct students to take out a piece of paper and jot down ideas about and observations on the representation of the conflict.
-Show clip from The Joy Luck Club.
4. Discussion
-Ask students for their reactions to the clip
What is the tone of the clip?
What is the conflict?
What does the daughter do to express her feelings? How does this further the conflict?
What devices do the actors use to physically express conflict? (i.e. facial expressions, movements, interaction).
Think about the directorial choices (e.g. use of narration, close-up shots, etc.) What do these choices do to enhance the conflict?
What are the reasons that each character feels the way she does?
How would you look at the conflict differently if the story of the mother's past were not included?
Would this story be different if the mother had been born in America instead of China? How?
-Lead the students into deeper discussion that goes beyond the specific clip.
How is the presentation of generational conflict in the movie similar to and different from that of the commercials we viewed yesterday?
Do the different cultures play a role in those differences? How might this clip influence you, as a viewer, and your opinions or expectations of conflict between generations?
5. Group Project
-Hand out and go over group project assignment sheet.
-Answer any student questions.
6. Short Story
-Pass out copies of "The Lovers" and give students their reading assignment for Day 3.

1. Read first half of "The Lovers" by Bessie Head (pg. 423-first paragraph 431).
2. Form groups for project.

Special Needs Interventions: Remind student with a reading comprehension learning disability to use the CAPS self-questioning strategy that he has been taught earlier in the year while he is reading "The Lovers."
C Who are the characters?
A What is the aim of the story?
P What problem happens?
S How is the problem solved?
*Strategy from Including Students With Special Needs: A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers by Marilyn Friend and William D. Bursuck.

To watch a short segment of the Joy Luck Club click