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Day 15

Objectives: Students will complete one journal entry. They will then have some time to work on their final projects and to view the teachers' final project example.

Goals: The students will be able to make some headway in their projects. Through the teacher examples, they will have a better understanding of what is expected in their final projects and will also see that the teachers are full participants in the classroom community.

Materials: Whatever the students deem necessary to work on their projects and the teacher-created text

1. Journal
-Ask students to take out their composition notebooks.
-Give students five minutes to respond to the journal prompt on board: "If you could tell an older generation one thing about your own generation, what would it be and why?"
-Ask several students to volunteer to share their journal entries with the class.
2. Student Work on Final Projects
-Instruct the students to work on their own projects (they will be allotted 20-25 minutes to work on their projects).
-Check to see how students are progressing on their projects.
-Provide assistance and answer questions as needed.
3. Teacher Project Example
-Present teacher-created text on generational conflict (commercial script).
-Remind students that the teacher's version is just one example of what can be done and that all forms of creativity are expected and welcome.

Homework: Continue working on final projects.