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Day 14

Goals: The students will participate in a workshop on personal narratives in which they will learn about what a well-written personal narrative includes and will begin to write one of their own. This may lead into a final project.

Objectives: The students will have an understanding of what a personal narrative is and how to begin writing one. They will also begin to become more comfortable with using their personal voice in writing.

Materials: personal narratives handout, blank notebook paper

1. Introduction
-Explain the agenda for the day. Students will be participating in a personal narrative workshop, which will not only help them as they prepare for their final project presentations but will also help them in the future when they are writing essays for colleges and scholarships.
2. Journal
-Ask students to take out composition notebooks.
-Write journal entry prompt on the board:
Who? Backstreet Boys
What? Concert
When? Today
Where? In the auditorium
Why? Record new album
-Tell students to take the full five minutes to write a story based on the information provided in the prompt. Encourage them to make it as creative as possible, making up their own details as needed. Tell them that several students will be asked to read their stories out loud to the class when they are finished.
-Give students time to write.
-Ask for three volunteers to read their stories out loud.
-Ask the students what they noticed after hearing those three stories. Point out stylistic differences between the three writers and discuss how these differences contributed to a distinct personal voice for each writer. Explain that this voice is a key element in writing a successful personal narrative.
3. Workshop
-Distribute handout which explains what a personal narrative is and contains tips on how to write one. Go over this information with the students.
-Ask them to evaluate whether or not Dave Barry's column, which they read for homework the previous night, qualifies as an effective personal narrative based on this criteria.
-Guide the students in working through the second half of the handout that includes a series of exercises designed to get them started in the process of writing a personal narrative.
-Collect students' workshop writing.
-If time remains, allow students to ask questions about their final projects and/or to begin working on them.

Homework: Continue working on final projects. Final presentations begin on Monday.