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Day 13

Objectives: Students will complete one journal entry. They will then take part in a poetry workshop, which may lead into a final project.

Goals: Students will take what they learned from reading poetry about conflict and combine it with their own experiences to create an original poem. They will look at the theme of the unit from their own perspective and shape it in a way that is realistic to them. They will also preview writing poetry, which will be investigated further in the next unit.

Materials: poetry workshop handout, teacher model, and copies of the Dave Barry column for all students

1. Introduction
-Ask students to turn in dialogue records.
-Pass out poetry workshop handout.
2. Journal
-Ask students to take out composition books.
-Give students five minutes to respond to the journal prompt on the board: "Write three sentences relating to generational conflict. Each sentence should use one of the three figurative language devices outlined on the workshop handout."
3. Workshop
-Go through steps of the handout.
-Give students time at desks to complete workshop and work independently on teacher model.
-Read teacher model.
-Ask for volunteers to share poems.
-Discuss students' word choices and other devices that contribute to the themes.
4. Personal Narrative
-Pass out copies of the Dave Barry column.
-Explain to students that it will be used as part of the personal narrative workshop on Day 14.

Homework: Read Dave Barry column.

Special Needs Interventions: Have student with reading comprehension learning disability answer the who, what, when, where, why and how questions for the Dave Barry column.