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Day 11

Objectives: Students will write a response to one journal entry that has been posted on the class listserv. They will then discuss with the rest of the class the generational interview that they did over the weekend.

Goals: Students will be able to relate the theme of generational conflict to their own lives. They will also develop a better understanding of the older generation as they complete and discuss the generational interview. This should help them to prepare for their final projects.

Materials: None

1. Listserv
-Students will go to the computer lab.
-Give students ten minutes to read and respond to one other student's journal entry.
2. Generational Interview
-Return to the classroom.
-Discuss the generational interview assignment, going over the questions on the assignment sheet and talking about what the students found and what they learned.
-Teachers will have completed their own generational interviews and will participate in the discussion in addition to leading it.

Homework: None.

Special Needs Interventions: Encourage gifted student to put her generational interview on the web-page she is creating for this unit.