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Day 10

Objectives: Students will choose one journal entry to post on the class listserv. The personal narrative group will then present their generational conflict text, and the entire class will engage in a critical discussion of that text.

Goals: Students will take what they have learned in the first week of the unit and apply it to the texts that they bring into class themselves. Students will demonstrate the ability to inquire into and reflect upon the personal narrative, understanding what this text is saying about generational conflict and what biases are present in its message.

Materials: copies of generational interview assignment sheet

1. Journal
-Ask students to get out their composition notebook.
-Write prompt on the board: "Based on what we have talked about in class the past two weeks, do you look at the media any differently now? Why or why not?"
-Give students five minutes to respond to the prompt.
2. Student Presentation of Text
-Instruct the fifth group of students to present their text to the class according to the guidelines presented on the group project assignment sheet.
-Ask the presenting group questions to further stimulate their thinking and critical inquiry. Invite their classmates to do the same.
3. Discussion
-Allow the presenting group to return to their seats.
-Facilitate further class discussion of the text by using it as a springboard to get students to discuss their reflections on the unit thus far, drawing from their journal entries as well.
4. Generational Interview Project
-Hand out generational interview assignment sheet.
-Go over it with students and answer any questions.

Homework: Complete generational interview assignment.