Units for Secondary English Classrooms

The following units have been constructed by teachers involved in Secondary Language Arts teacher education programs at Penn State University. If you have additions or whole units you would like to contribute to this resource, please email Jamie Myers.

Technology Unit Lesson Plans
Janet Dovyak and Christine Franks
Catcher in the Rye
Carrie Sotak and Laura Harrington
The Power of Language in Persuasion
Christina Graybill and Melissa Uglow
Beth Bortner and Carrie Show
The American Dream
Leigh Mallonee and Jennifer Doebler
Amy Johnston and Kevin Center
The Holocaust
Anne Krenzel and John Wachen
Existentialism by Jessica Selepec, Michelle
Delany, Amy Korenkiewicz
Bearing Witness
Josh Chambers and Tina Guarnaccio
Short Stories by Lisa Barlow, Liz Holtzinger, Brian Lari
The Outsiders
Melissa Griffith and Michele Pavlov
The Harlem Renaissance by Lynnette Mawhinney & Michele Dincher
Romeo & Juliet
Carla D'Urso and Robin Hatfield
The House on Mango Street by Hilary Hrutkay, Serena Pariser, Verna Sims
Melissa Wiley and Amy Butler
All the World's a Stage by Christa Daugherty, Alyson Oaks, Erin Wall
Horror Genre
Kevin Connolly and Phil Gravuer
Poetry in Motion by Stephanie Beirne & Jody Itle
Gretchen Robbins and Christine Mahady
The Salem Witch Trials
Visionary Literature
Alison Barnett, Leah Hunter, and Kathy Yingling
Overcoming Adversity by Carol Gambone, Samantha Heim, Erica Nimick
Coming of Age
Angela Henry and Laura Yencsik
Stereotypes by Heather Husarik, Megan Mihalcin, Stacy Ray

Poetic Expression
by Kelly Benson & Barb Reinhardt

Gender Roles
by Deb Snyder, Michael Ghirlducci, Dave Hermenau
Bridges to Understanding and Self-Discovery
by Samantha Ardary, Nick Marzano, Andrew White
The Red Badge of Courage
Exploring Adolescent Relationships
A Sense of Place
The Giver
LLED 512 Class Members, SP 98
Battle by Matt Butterfield, Shawn Hoffman, Laura Malick, Abby Martin
Expression (FA 04) Witness (FA 06) by Sabrina Arcidiacono, Crystal Howe, Kristen Rowe
What Affects Teens Today (FA 04) by Christen Clemson, Tara Lagoda, Jessica Ross Social Injustices (The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle) (FA 06) by Kelly Jubic, Mary DiMatteo, Lindsay Salamon, Jaclyn Gruber
Perks of Being a Wallflower (FA 04) by Caitlin Cassidy, Lyndsey Tamburlin, Jody Wentz Relationships & The Color Purple (FA 06) by Angelica Rivas, Jillian Mandelkern, Catherine Decker, Hayley Schaeffer
Relationships by (FA 04) Lydia Arko, Brittany Carlino, Jessica Williams Feed (FA 06) by Brenton DeFiltch, Andrew Kurnas, Tom Miller
Self-Efficacy in Adolescents (FA 04) by Erin Meehan, Darcy Elliott, Annie Sim Individuality (FA 06) Lauren Baker, Max Feldman, Jonathan Klingeman, Danielle Greene
Finding Your Voice (SP 07) by Lori Melfi, Alexa Talamo, Dan Pilanzo, Andrew Herrmann Violence in The Color Purple (SP 07) by Chris Clark, Angela Pedrotti, Tara Sclafani, Laura Szkudlapski
Finding Voices (SP 07) by Betsy Emig, Trish Mosley, Ashley Bessoir Speak and voice (SP 07) by Katie Bartley, Leah Pelkay, Jessica Stein
Feed (FA 07) Feed (SP 08) by Tyler S., Kelly C., Alyssa I. & Jess T.
Witness (SP 08) by Kimberly A., Annalynne K., Andrea R., & Matthew W. Speak (SP 08) by Natalie P., Melinda O., Elizabeth H., & Kellie M.