Teen Issues

Welcome to our website about growing up as a teenager in State College, Pennsylvania. Five classes of ninth grade English read stories about different aspects of growing up from a book titled Coming of Age. Thirty small groups explored a particular theme about growing up as a teenager, wrote essays connecting their experiences with those of the characters in the stories, and created a quicktime movie about a teen issue.

Follow the links below to explore the themes:

Teenage Love

Falling in Love, by Casey, Callie, Mike
Falling in Love, by Kim, Kim, Garrett, Carissa
Teenage Love, by Emmy, Sharon, Gary, Anna
Love, by Nicole, Kristy, Aaron, Ben

Do I fit in?

Acceptance, by Adam, Courtney, Josh, Damaris
Teenage Troubles, by Andrew, Brett, James
Do I Fit In, by Marcy, Ann, Dan, Aondover
Do I fit in, by Zach, Tim, Holly, Scott
Do I fit in, by Sara, Lisann, Chris, Brandon
Pressures as a Teen, by Jess, Ryan, Grant
Acceptance, by Anthony, Dom, Lara, Nicole
Fitting In, by Jimmy, Kelly, Jay, Karen
Do I fit In, by Brandon, Tanya, Nick

What Teenagers Want Out in the World

Independence, by Justin, Ty, Greg
Out in the World, by Matt, Mike, Soyini
Problems Associated with Teens, by Caitlin, Tom, Jalea
What Teenagers Want, by Nikki, Shaina, Jeremiah, Nick
Issues with Teenagers, by Mike, Lori, Dave, Danielle
Today's Teenagers, by Jackie, Heather, Robert
Changing Times, by Cheynne, Abigail, Erin

Family and Friends

Family & Friends, by Brandy, Jeremy, Jen, Jen
Family & Friends, by Josh, Andy, Kevin, Adam
Friends & Family, by Carson, Steve, Trevor, Kurt
Friendship, by Amir, Dayne, Ben
Friends & Family, by Nick, Chuck, Brian
Friends, by Tom, Pete, Jeff
Family & Friends, by Ryan, Danielle, Rebecca, Laura
Family and Friends, by RJ, Mike, Josh, Alissa
Family and Friends, by Allie, Nathan, Dave, Andrea
Parent-Teen relationships, by Kyle, Laura, Matt