Educating Today for Tomorrow!

Professional Development Opportunities for K-12 Teachers

The pages below offer a variety of opportunities for teachers to continue their professional development through the World Wide Web:

Pennsylvania Art Education Association:
Jennifer Oldakowski and James Ritchey developed this site for Art Educators.

Graduate Student Organization:
Laurence Axtell designed this location to support graduate students at Penn State University.

Cultural Bias:
Ruth Lowery and Dorothy Vanette provide a guide to evaluate cultural bias in instructional materials.

Cultural Centers on Predominantly White Campuses:
Javier Peraza organizes institutional opportunities at university campuses which can support the creation of cultural centers by minority students.

Internet Help for Teachers:
Denise Tyson designed a beginning page of information for teachers who want to learn a bit more about the internet.

Importance of the Internet:
John Thompsen designed a presentation for his school board members to support an initiative to bring access to the school.

A Pre-Service School House:
Nancy Yost designed a school building with various resources to help first year teachers and pre-service student teachers.

Beginning Help with World Wide Web:
Designed by Dean Cooke to help folks get their bearings straight.

The Curricular Internet
(developed by Professor Jamie Myers and his students) Information on how to create web pages for classroom use and examples by teachers are provided.