Exploring Teenage Social Worlds

The short stories in the anthologyComing of Age share experiences of teenagers living in many different worlds. The actions and words of characters in these stories create worlds, sometimes multiple worlds, that are connected, separate, or even overlapping. We will respond to these stories by making artifacts that connect something in the story to something we have experienced in various everyday worlds. The artifiacts should help us to think more about a story, more about how social worlds are created, and more about how media of all types use words, images, sounds, and actions to portray social worlds.

Overview of the experience:

Each week we will:

read at least three stories from a section of Coming of Age
Week One (10/18-21) : Do I Fit In?
Week Two (10/25-29): Families and Friends
Week Three (11/1-5): Falling in Love
Week Four (11/8-12): Out in the World

Thrusday is reading day (Plan to read in and outside of class)
Monday is workshop day:
We will create an artifact that communicates a connection between the stories read for that week and some everyday life experience. Everyone will need to work on their artifact outside of class as well as in class on Mondays.
Tuesday and Wednesday are sharing days.
As each artifact is shared, the presenter(s) will lead a discussion about connections to the stories or other artifacts. The author of the artifact should be ready to explain and to explore his/her own connections after others have had a chance to experience the artifact and offer connections.

Other parts:

Artifact Response Form
List of Possible Artifacts