Exploring Teenage Social Worlds


Your grade over the next four weeks of reading Coming of Age short stories will be based on the amount of work you choose to do.

For a C:
read three stories each week (2 common and 1 choice)
make an artifact to respond to an idea from the stories
complete an analysis of social worlds for one story
share your artifact and lead a discussion about the ideas it generates
complete the response artifact planning/reflection form
1) you may collaborate on the weekly artifact if it requires a small group; however, small groups may not be larger than 3 people.
2) each week's artifact must use a different text/media form

For a B:
read one additional story each week (your choice)
complete two analysis of social worlds
your weekly artifact combines more than one different text/media

For an A:
read two additional stories each week
complete three analysis of social worlds
your weekly artifact connects ideas in more than one story

Work that does not evidence time and effort may result in a lower grade.

The Week Five Final Project

The final project is a written or media text that represents a social world important to teens. You could author a short story, a play, a collection of poems or songs, a portfolio of drawings, a photo essay, a video documentary, an analysis of television shows, a web site, a large mural, etc. Think bigger and more complex than the weekly response artifacts. The project has two layers: 1) the text/media you create, and 2) your written explanation of how the text/media portrays ideas about one or more social worlds.

Grading: For a C
effective use of time during in-class workshop week
the project reflects complexity, time, and effort
the written explanation fully explains your point of view on a social world
For a B
all of the above plus oringinality and creativity
For an A
all of the above plus a project journal that documents your daily thinking and creating process