The Week Five Final Project

The final project is a written or media text that represents a social world important to teens. You could author a short story, a play, a collection of poems or songs, a portfolio of drawings, a photo essay, a video documentary, an analysis of television shows, a web site, a large mural, etc. Think bigger and more complex than the weekly response artifacts. The project has two layers: 1) the text/media you create, and 2) your written explanation of how the text/media portrays ideas about one or more social worlds.

Grading: For a C
effective use of time during in-class workshop week
the project reflects complexity, time, and effort
the written explanation fully explains your point of view on a social world
For a B
all of the above plus a project journal that documents your daily thinking and creating process
For an A
all of the above plus oringinality and creativity

Planning Guide

1. Choose a social world:

2. What characteristics about that world do you want to study? What examples or data can you gather about these characteristics? Keep notes or artifacts from the world you study.

3. What problems, beliefs, conflicts, or dilemmas are evident in the social world you explore? How are you going to focus in on these dilemmas as you create your project about that social world?

4. Choose an authoring style.
With an artistic voice, create a project that gives your audience the experience of seeing a social world as it is created in your text/media (Short-story, poetry, play, music, art, drama, film, tv show--- something that shows people interacting to create the social worlds you studied).
With an analytic voice, analyze a social world and explain what makes it work. Select examples, find patterns, and describe the characteristics as you talk about a social world in your project. (Documentary, essay, video/film critiques, expository explanations, report oriented projects present excerpts or descriptions of a social world that you evaluate.)