The Scary Truth Behind Who Makes Your Shoes...





Nike's got 70,000 workers in Indonesia. Nike makes 20 million pairs of sneakers a year in Vietnam paying the workers $.33 an hour. In China, Nike uses one factory compound called Yuyen where there are 50,000 to 60,000 workers in one factory complex. There are only 37,000 footwear workers left in the entire U.S. There are more workers in one factory making sneakers for Nike than there are in the entire U.S.

In Northern China in a city called Jazu there were 21,000 workers there making Nike sneakers. Nike had swooshes on the factories. It said, Just do it. Right behind the barbed wire and the locked metal gates and the thugs. They're very proud of that. The workers were paid $.23 an hour, and they were working twelve-hour shifts. Just do it. Nike is very proud of itself.

In a factory in China that made Ked sneakers were women that were very young. All the workers in China are 17-25 years of age, at 25 you're fired because of the 16-hour shifts you're all used up anyway, and you may get pregnanat and they're not going to pay maternity benefits. At this factory, the women looked very young, 16 or even younger. They were putting the glue on the Keds with their bare hands. Toxic glue. There was no respirators, no gloves, no proper ventilation. At the end of the day the workers had to leave the factory in single file as an imposition of discipline on these workers.

These types of factories are like prison camps. They abuse their workers and they pay them next to nothing. Most kids and women starve to death.