My Different Sports Shoes

By: Corey Huber

There are a lot of different things about me

a lot of things that you don't see,

for each specific sport I do

I have a very special shoe.

Basketball is my favorite sport

In my high tops I like to run up and down the court.

I jump, I shot, I score,

The crowd yells for more.

In my soccer spikes The opponents pay the toll.

I steal the ball and go for the goal.

I run I kick I score

the crowd yells for more

In my running shoes I usually lose

But I don't care It's just fun being there,

I jog, I sprint, I run,

They don't yell for more but it was fun.

In my football spikes I take the ball and go.

I run super fast and not slow.

I score a touchdown to win the game

After its over I receive the fame.

I run, I dodge, I score

The crowd yells for more

In my tennis shoes I play on the court.

A tennis game can be a very long sport

I hit the ball over the net

If I keep doing good I will win my set

I run, I hit, I score

The crows yells for more.

I run,I hit, I score

The crowd yells for more.

Now that I have told you about my different shoes

You see I like sports whether I win or lose.