We are sooooo stylin'!

(Our interpretation of Proulx's style in The Shippng News)

Personally, Melissa and Jennifer found this particluar writing style to be annoying to read, hard to grasp as a literary commentary on Canadian culture, and overall just plain yucky. However, it's uniqueness (is that a word?) drove them to create juxtapositions of other texts to understand the significance of the style to the novel itself. Melissa was compelled to challenge herself to think about how the style influenced the reader and the likeablitiy of the novel. By doing so, she reevaluated her original position and has since determined the style isn't all that bad. On the other hand, Jennifer still felt compelled to hold fast to her original distatste for the style of the novel and how it affected her reading of The Shipping News..

Melissa compares our ideas of typical literary devices against Proulx's style.


Jennifer compares the literary style of e e cummings to that of Proulx. Check it out!



Surprise guest, Jim, does not share the same frustrations of Melissa and Jennifer. His juxtaposed text can be found on the page most often referred to as "disturbingly precise."



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