The Sailor's Alphabet


Oh, A is the anchor and that you all know,

B is the bowsprit that's over the bow,
C is the capstan with which we heave "round,

And D are the decks where our sailors are found.

Oh, E is the ensign our mizzen peak flew,
F is the fo'c'sle where we muster our crew,
G are the guns, sir, by which we all stand,
And H are the halyards that oftimes are manned.

Oh, I is the iron of our stunsail boom sheet,
J is the jib that oft weathers the bleat,
K is the keelson away down below,
And L are the lanyards that give us good hold.

M is our mainmast so stout and so strong,
N is the needle that never points wrong,

O are the oars of our jolly boat's crew,
And P is the pennant of read, white, and blue.

Q is the quarterdeck where our captain oft stood,
R is the rigging that ever holds good,
S are the stilliards that weigh out our beef,
And T are the topsails we ofttimes do reef.

Oh, U is the Union at which none dare laugh,
V are the vangs that steady the gaff,
W's the wheel that we all take in time,
And X is the letter for which we've no rhyme.

Oh, Y are the yards that we ofttimes do brace,
Zis the letter for which we've no place,
The bos'n pipes grog, so we'll all go below,
My song it is finished, I'm glad that it's so.