Sail Away



The sea has always played an important role in my life. My parents always made sure that myself and my sister and brother were exposed to many different environments. Every summer, traveling and camping was something that was we did together as a family. The sea was always one place that my family loved to go. Whether it was the shores of the outer banks of North Carolina to Mystic, Connecticut, I was always captured by its beauty and peacefulness.

In The Shipping News, the sea was a major part of the setting of the novel. The sea was used as a symbol for so many things. For some, it was a fishersman life and for others, it was fear. No matter what, the sea will always be a place of adventure and beauty. Sail Away by Enya captured the essance of what the sea if to me. Enya has a way of pulling at every emotion of her audience members and making a person feel as if the sea surrounds them.