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The Mummer's Dance

By: Lorena McKennitt

When looking at the lyrics of this song, you may notice that there is not a single mention of the sea, however, I feel that a strong associaton between this song and the sea can be created on a personal level.

I first thought of this song, after Quoyle ventured out to Quoyle's Point, I could almost imagine him in his tiny boat, braving the fierce sea beneath him. As the song begins, soft and a bit eerie, I picture Quoyle beginning his voyage, unaware of what is to come. The music then builds, which invokes the image of Quoyle fighting the waves and eventually going under. If you listen closely in the beginning of the song, a bagpipe (or perhaps an instrument similar to one) can be heard. For some reason, I associate this type of instrument with the sea (maybe because Scotland is an island) as well.

As was stated in our opening page, the sea was a major focus in the novel. I live about an hour from the Atlantic Ocean and when I was a child, my family and I used to frequent the beach quite often. I remember being content on rainy days just looking out at the ocean - at all of its power and splendor. For me, the ocean or sea represents both happiness and sadness. It is something you can look to regardless of the mood you're in, to know that it will always be there.