The Shipping News


The Sea


Upon reading The Shipping News, we found that the sea was a major focus of the novel. Killick Claw, the town that Quoyle resided in, depended heavily upon the sea for its livelihood.

The many pages that we have created offer our own personal insights and comparisons between the text and the sea. From the life of the fisherman to the boating industry, the sea served as a major source of sustinence. However, for Quoyle, the sea was a barrier, a source of his fear. The sea represented both a source of survival and a potential for disaster.

Keep in mind that when you view the following pages, our interpretations are based on the fact that we relied mainly upon Proulx's descriptions to paint a picture of Newfoundland.

Thank you and enjoy!

 By the Seaside

 The Seaside and the Fireside

 Sail Away

 The Downeaster "Alexa"

 The Mummer's Dance

 Sailor's Alphabet