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Promiscuity and Death

Petal leads a promiscuous life and dies in an automobile accident. Links between promiscuity and death, or promiscuity and punishment, may be found in film, literature, religion, and conceptions of current society.

Have you ever noticed how in horror movies like Halloween and Friday the Thirteenth people are murdered shortly after a sexual interlude? In the movie Scream, the characters actually discuss this phenomenon in terms of what was occurring to them in the plot.

Books such as Trevanian's Shubumi and Tolstoy's Anna Kerinnina also portray the dark consequences of promiscuity.

Have you ever noticed that in all forms of representation it is mostly women who are punished for their promiscuity?

Western religions also warn about the spiritual perils and punishments for promiscuity.

Current society often links the AIDS epidemic, or individual HIV positive people with the consequences of promiscuity.

How and why is it that societies and cultures link death and punishment with an act that is quintessentially basic to human nature?


Death and The Shipping News--

I was attracted to death in this novel because of its prominent and grotequese role. Like looking at pictures in a book of forensic science, The Shipping News provokes a response of curiosity and enthroallment as we gaze on Petal's mangled body, the head in the suitcase, and the floating dead body in the sea.

(From the author of the page entitled Looking Death in the Eye .)