Pingpong Help

Pingpong is an internet location ( that you can access using Netscape or Explorer from any computer connected to the internet. Your teacher will give you a username and password to log into pingpong.

When you first arrive at pingpong you can see a picture of the School of Education and Communication (HLK), Sweden that features the window of Christer Morheden's office. Can you see Christer and Jamie waving in the window?

As you can see above, you must read a little Swedish to go to the Min profil tab and follow the directions in the picture below to change all of the Pingpong screens to English (see below).

Now to start working in the Cross-Culture Project, select the menu tab that reads Aktiviteter or Activities, then select on the Project activity "Cross-Culture Project," and click on the "Start the Event" button (See below).

Your pingpong activity has four menu pages. Each page has four choices in the upper left corner: Menu , Training , Reference, and Contact.

Below is an image of the CONTACT menu where you have several ways to contact other participants, such as chat (live), email (send message), discussion (small groups), and message board (for all participants).

If you select the PARTICIPANTS option, you can learn more about everyone and yourself as shown below in one image from that menu group.

In the PARTICIPANTS page, on the right drop down menu you can choose Photo Album and see pictures and email for all participants. If you click on any one picture you will come to this page of personal information. Here you can upload a picture image of yourself that is a jpg or gif file 80 X 100 pixels in size. Easy to do!

To return to the four main menu selections, REFERENCE is an area in which you can create folders, upload, and download files to share and save as you create your web pages. REFERENCE has two areas: the top space is for uploading and saving personal files of any type of meda; the bottom space is for sharing folders and files with all of the other participants.

To "publish" or share folders in your personal space, you highlight the pencil icon in the upper right corner and watch the space change.

New menu buttons will appear for the shared material space.

A new blue arrow will appear pointing down to join the current one pointing up. That means you can drag folders and files up or down between personal and shared spaces.

This reference menu page will become an important space for sharing our multimedia web pages and files as we interpret the novel In Country in terms of our own cultures.

Please email Jamie Myers if you need clarification or additional help pages for Pingpong.