A Hey All

Hey yall out there!!

How are all of you doing? Good, I'm doing fine too. I go to the State College Area High School. I am in 9th grade. My name is Tanya. I enjoy doing sport. Track &field and football are my favorite.

School is not my thing! Even though I'm not good at it I'm passing. I am planing on going to College, since its only 10 minutes from my house. Our University is one of the best Colleges(Penn State). I want to study nursing. Maybe It will change. Right now I just want to relax and play with my friends.

I like to hang out at down Town State College. I like to play pool. and (some) pinball. I like allot of music. I HATE COUNTRY! (no offence to anyone who does). My favorite kind of music is Rap and Pop. I also play volleyball.

Well since now you know a little about me, I think that you should tell me something about your self.

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