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Hi! My name is Kristina. I'm 18 years old. My Birthday is on Christmas...the greatest day of the year!!! I am the baby of 5 kids. My awesome brother is the oldest and then 3 great sisters. I'm an aunt to 9 little nieces and nephews. And i have the greatest parents in the world!! I'm a senior at State College Area High School. I am a Varsity cheerleader and this past year we went to Nationals in Orlando, Florida and came in 5th place. That was such an honor since it was our first time down there. We were up against 28 other schools. Look for us this year again (on espn2)...we'll be back!! A lot has changed since 9th grade. Below are some pictures from our Junior Prom. That is me with (my boyfriend) Rob. It took us so long to finally get together. Who knew this class is what started it all!! I have had a constant smile since Valentine's Day!!! Ok, I think I am done... Just to make my brother laugh.... HI BROC O. LEE!! Hopefully, I'll be able to update this some more soon... keep coming back!! :)

There is Rob and I before our Junior Prom


Here are some old pictures from last year....


















New Pictures I have added since May 12, 1999

there's Me & Rob (senior pictures)

Thanks Doc for all the memories...I'll never forget our awesome class!!!!