Welcome to Johnna's Home Page

Hallo, my name is Johnna and this is my home page that I started in my ninth grade English class with Ms. Pirrone and Dr. Myers. I am now in eleventh grade, and I have been given the opportunity to take a day and update my page with my current intrests and of course a new picture of me with my new puppy Destin. Destin is a Golden Retriever and is already full grown, even though he is only just one year old.

I have many intrests including golf, reading, music, and my favorite activity of all is to color. I play on the varsity golf team during the fall sports season, and I hope to some day have the opportunity to play for a college team. I love to read a lot, especially the classic novels such as Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Journey to the Center of the Earth by Joules Vern, and many others. In music, I play flute in Concert band and symphonic band, I'm first chair flute and piccolo in orchestra, and I play piccolo in marching band. As I said earlier, my absolute most favorite activityof all is coloring. I have all sorts of coloring books, although most of them are Disney books, and I have a lot of the paint with water books. They actually take more skill then it seems to keep the colors from all running together. I have a very wide collection of markers, colored pencils, crayons, oils, and chalk.


* golf

* music

* Twain

* Vern

* Wells