My name is Teri. I was born on June 8, 1982. I Live in Pleasant Gap PA.

My Favorite Subject is Science. I Like to eat Pasta. My Favorite movie is American Pie.


I Like to Watch it because I Love when the guy gets the pie stuck on him. It is about four boys who can't get a girlfriend. My favorite TV show is 90210. I like the kids on the show. It's funny and sometimes sad. It's about high school kids who hang out together. My favorite band is ICP. My favorite song is The Game Show. My hobbies are roller skating, riding my bike, and skiing. My dream/ career goal is working with animals. In 25 years, I will have my own house, be married, and have 2 kids. If I could travel through time and ask anyone a question, I would ask the hippies in California what things they do instead of doing drugs. All these things say that I am a good person.