Hi I am Stanley.

My date of birth is 1/25/1984.

My hometown is Bellefonte.

My favorite subject is math.

My favorite food is pizza.

My favorite movie is Dangerous

Minds because it has a real good

Sound track.

My favorite TV show is Whose Line is it Anyway?

I think it is a real funny show.

It is about people acting different Skits.

My favorite singer is Jennifer Lopez.



My favorite song is if you had my love.

My hobbies are watching TV and playing Nintendo.

My goal is to be an electrician like my Dad. He works at Heritage oaks.

I will be living in Florida in 25 years.

If I could ask anyone anything, I would ask my sister to get me a brand new truck that is a 4x4.

All these things say that I like all these things I like.