My name is Samantha. I was born July 31 1983 at center community hospital in State College.

My favorite subject in school is actually not really in school. It's my class out at C.P.I. Graphics and Communications. I learn photography and desktop publishing, and stuff like that. It's really neat to learn about.

Mr. Holland's Opus is a really cool movie. It is so close to reality it's amazing. The movie is about a guy that used to be a musician and got his teaching degree. He fell in love with teaching and then after like 30 some years of teaching the new principal fired him.

My favorite TV show is "That 70's Show" because it's funny. It's about a bunch of kids growing up in the 1970's.

My favorite band is Metallica and my favorite song is "Last Kiss."

I'm into playing basketball, poetry and taking pictures. In fact, I want to become a photographer.

In twenty-five years, I hope to be living in Jamaica, taking pictures of the tourists.


If I could travel through time and ask anyone a question, I would find Martin Luther King because I think what he tried to do was so cool. I try to be like him.

I think all these things on my page mean that I am an interesting and an interested person.