Hi I am Rickey. I am from Bellefonte. I am in 11th grade. I have my drivers license. I like to bowl and fish. My bowling average is a 170 and a 261 is my highest game ever. But my pappy has bowled a 300 before, which was last winter. I have caught 5 fish in one day. I have caught a snapping turtle. I put it back and I made my pappy take it off. I like the movie Titanic

He has won only 3 races but he is still in the top 5 in points standing. Dale Jarret is going to be the Winston Cup champion. My favorite foods are pizza and chicken. I also like pork. I would like to be a heavy equipment operator. If you want to see photos on heavy equipment you go to this link and hit see photo.

I like to play backyard football and baseball. I like to watch early edition.