Hi! My name is Mary Kay Royer.

I was born in Grove City,Pa. on June 22,1947.

We moved to Bellefonte in June 1985

I love to read!

My favorite food is Chicken with Italian foods running a close second.

My favorite movie is "The Sound of Music" It is a great story but the circumstances in which I saw it, made it more special. My best friend was in nurse' training in Pittsburgh. I went to the big city to visit her. While there, we took the trolley to a big theatre in downtown Pittsburgh to see "The Sound of Music". It was so exciting!

My favorite TV program is the Evening News.

My hobbies are reading and crafts, which include needlework, stained glass, and woodworking items.

My goals in life are to have a fulfilling retirement, which includes traveling and leisure time. But most important is to enjoy good health.