My name is Jill Pattishall. I am a 23 year old secondary ed major specializing in English and Communications; I am also a theater major with a performance emphasis. I am a super-senior at Penn State University. I love acting, play writing, directing, and everything else associated with theater. My student teaching colleague Josh Chambers and I are building this web page with Mr. Nastase and Mrs. Hetrick's learning support class at Bellefonte High School. We are having a blast!!! I'm from Wescosville, Pa. (near Allentown) -- my parents, Lonny and MaryLou, did a fabulous job of raising myself and my two younger sisters, Jan and Jeannine. Thanks for everything, guys!!

A Little About Me...

My dreams/ career goals are to teach English, Theater, and Communications, and to be an actress.

So where will I be in 25 years?? Hopefully teaching, acting, play writing, and generally being happy with Mike and our 2.5 kids.

If I could travel through time and ask anyone a question, I'd want to meet

William Shakespeare, The Bard himself, and ask him about his passion for the theater and life (and maybe sit in on a couple of play writing sessions). I'd talk to him about being a true master of his art.

Our Kids ...

This experience had been absolutely amazing so far, -- I really love teaching these kids. It's very exciting and rewarding.

I'll always remember the day Josh and I went to Bellefonte Lanes to watch Ben and Rickey bowl (amazingly, I might add), and the day Brandon realized his talent for film making.

Every one of our kids has learned a great deal about literacy and how it relates to their lives, and about the importance of being able to critically analyze all media. We hope they had fun with our unit, and Josh and I just want to let them know we're proud of them and we'll never forget then.

We love you guys!

Thanks to Tony Nastase, Betsy Cassidy, and Jill Hetrick for sharing your wonderful students with us!!

We hope you enjoyed our class project!!