My name is Jill Hetrick. I was born on December 14, 1960 in Terre Haute, Indiana. I moved to Muncie, Indiana when I was a baby, then to Springfield, Ohio when I was in 2nd grade. Off to Fort Wayne, Indiana when I was in 6th grade and to Tiffin, Ohio for my freshman year of high school. I later married and moved to Marion, Ohio. We lived there for three years and then moved to Georgetown, Kentucky for three more years and on to Port Matilda, Pennsylvania. My favorite subject is reading . My favorite food is salad bar!! Chicken or a nice juicy steak----anything CHOCOLATE!! My favorite movie is The Sound of Music

because it was the first movie my parents took my sister and I to. I don't remember going to the movie but like the tradition of my first movie! It was based upon a true story of the Von Trapp family. With lots of singing and a nice happily ever after ending. My favorite TV show is the Nightly News with Dan Rather. I really am a nosy body and the news is my way of keeping in touch. My neighbor across the street is a personal friend of Dan's.I'd like to meet him sometime. My favorite group has changed as I've aged matured! I really like Vince Gill's voice and also enjoy just instrumental music.



My favorite song is Vince's Go Rest High On That Mountain.or something like that. I also like Amazing Grace and hum it often. I enjoy all sports to watch and cheer on, I have tried to ski








but fear falling!! My favorite activity is baking and gardening. My dreams are to finally reach my goal weight, to have an English flower garden,



to write a book, to travel the fifty states, visit Europe and Australia, to get my doctorate degree and become a grandmother. Hopefully in 25 years I will be retired and working on my second career, gardening, cooking reading/writing. I would like to talk to Adam and ask him about naming the animals, to see Noah and ask about the ark and to meet the explorers Lewis and Clark. I guess I am a explorer/traveler myself and want to learn more about my past. I hope I never get old and musty!!