Mercedes Benz

Bellefonte, Pa.

Mercedes Benz

We chose this name for our class in a general election held on November 2, 1999. Out of approximately 20 names (including blood, flood, Osh Kosh B'gosh, and Chattahoochee), Mercedes Benz was the number one choice.

So why was it chosen?


Mr. Bilbay: Because it is so cool.

Kami: When I think about Mercedes Benz, I think about lots of money and just gas to keep the car running, or any repairs to be made on it.

Todd: I like Mercedes Benz. When I see a Benz I think of class.

Tom: Everybody wants every thing the same.

Stan: It was chosen because everyone that chose it thought that it was a really good idea, and a lot of people chose Mercedes Benz because they like it.

Travis: Because it was the only one that was good. I was not here the day we voted.

Danny: Because they are cool cars.


The following three were the top runners-up....


Fubu (For us, by us)



Kami: Brandon picked this one cause he like these types of clothes.

Rickey: I like the clothes.

Tom: Because everybody wants that word.

Teri: I picked FUBU cause I like to wear their clothes. That's just mean when people say that I mean white people wear them too. Who cares if black people wear them. They're just clothes. Black people wear Tommy clothes too.

Brandon: I liked the name FUBU because it shows unity for our class.


Happy Days




Mr. Bilbay: (It) is my day today.

Kami: This show was on Nick at Night. I used to like it but not anymore, cause that show is really old.

Rickey: I like the TV show.

Danny: I'm happy all the time





Mr. Bilbay: I don't like Fords at all now.

Kami: I don't really like Fords cause they stink, Dodges are cool cause they can run decent.

Rickey: Because I like Ford trucks.

Red: I do not like Fords. But I love my '85 Chevy Scottsdale.

Josh: Fix Or Repair Daily.

Jill: Found On Road Dead.


Danny: Because people like Fords.

Tom: A piece of junk--Chevy is a good car. The Fords are junk, Chevys are good.


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This page was constructed as part of a media literacy unit during the Fall 1999 LLED 412/ CI 495C pre-service teaching experience through the Pennsylvania State University.