My NAME is stone cold Steve Austin






I was born on May 13, 1985.

I live in HOWARD.
My favorite subject is MATH.


My favorite food is HOAGIES.

My favorite movie is HOME ALONE.

Itís about a boy named Kevin is alone has his mind burglars came to his home I try to chase him away at the end his parents come home for Christmas and after Christmas the family goes away forever and ever never come back it. I Like it.


WHEEL OF Fortune is my favorite TV show. I like to watch Vanna. She turns the letters.

Bellefonte HS Band is # l to me.

Garth Brooks "Iíve Got Friends in Low Places" is my favorite song.

My hobbies are bowling, gymnastics, baseball, and football.



My goals are to pump port-a- potties around having a girlfriend Jill

How are you where do you live what are you cooking what is your favorite subject? Iím a ladies man  


"Bowling is my life"

----Ben at the Bellefonte Lanes,

November 13, 1999.