". . . every lesson should be for the teacher an inquiry, some further discovery, a quiet form of research."

-- Garth Boomer


During the Spring semester, 1998, Language and Literacy Education students completed a two part inquiry as part of their early field placement (a pre-student teaching experience). The first part of the inquiry was designed as a theoretical exploration of some topic of concern to each individual literacy educator. The second part of the inquiry was intended to put theory into practice, and to reflect on what was learned through that experience.

On the following pages are the results of these inquiry projects.


Carrie Alexander

Unit Plan: Creative revising of written texts and a transfer of those texts into oral presenations

Jasmone Brockington

Shawn Cooley

Thomas Dimond

April Hardisty

Dave Hash & Nicole Weigle

Andrea Kucharski

Kara Lopsonzski

Keri Nedimyer & Kimberly Zewan

Unit plan: Holocaust speeches and Fairy Tale presentations




Melissa Nemchek & Robin Pytleski

Melissa Snyder

Anne Van Le

Danielle Yoka

Unit plan: multi-cultural unit


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