In Country

Cross-Culture Web-Site Project

April 2002

Welcome to our explorations into the novel In Country . Through the web pages we have created, we share our own cultural experiences related to the world of the novel. We come to this novel from many different perspectives drawn from our lives in Sweden, Korea, Vietnam, and the United States.

This site is organized by the ideas we have found important in the novel. Even though some of us have grown up in the same country, we each bring our personal difference to our readings and representations. By discussing our responses to the book with each other, and by seeing each other's website or video projects, we expand our understanding of the book, each other, and ourselves. The ideas listed below evolved during the project and when you follow each link, you will find discussions about the idea between participants with links to our websites.

A few additional links below provide relevant information for project participants, and ideas about authoring critical hypermedia and multimedia experiences for constructing knowledge and identity.

Readers' Ideas about the novel (Join discussion groups about these subjects in CONTACT, DISCUSSION area)

Experiencing the Novel

Hypermedia Authoring

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