Power Positions

Larry & Namhee

Reflection on impact of the Pictures

The picture frames provide a wonderful opportunity for students to see a different view of a movie they have seen. The ability to freeze the frame allows students to critically view a clip, which will provide a different perspective. Students will also be able to follow the main theme of the clips, and the clips that support and validate the main theme. Hopefully student will follow each link that connects each frame, and references to previous frames.

The experience of engaging the project was not a small step, but rather a GIANT LEAP into using advanced technology as a source of information in an educational environment. We can be more creative, by making a new movie from several different movie frames, and we can compare the process with making a collage in a regular classroom, yet we call it a techno multimedia collage that represents our thoughts and streams of consciousness. It depepicts our flow of thoughts.

In our experience, we made some movies outside of classroom. Traditional literacy class is confined to the classroom with a teacher. The movie making experience can be accomplished outside of the classroom i.e. a computer lab, at home, etc. This activity is more process focused rather than product focused. And during the process, we expand our thought and make connections with our own personal experiences, which made learning meaningful. In the literacy classroom, time is a commodity and elaboration or analysis of material is restricted by the lack of time.

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