Virtual Insanity

Lisa, Chris, and Lucy

What is the "right way" to perceive media? The process of creating our own movie showed us that there is no "right way". As we considered each still frame, we realized our project would take a unique approach.

We discarded a traditional thematic connection in favor of VIRTUAL INSANITY (.com)! For us, the process of writing a story motivated the creation of the movie. It was a very spontaneous undertaking that did not rely on any planning whatsoever.

The movie was a multi-media endeavor that incorporated text, video and audio clips. After writing the story, we had to decide what format it would take in the film. Our initial plan was to write a script; but Chris is way too bi-polar and megalomaniacal for the "traditional" approach to scriptwriting! In an effort to match the creativity of the story itself (and keep Chris happy), we decided to write a song. Lacking a lead singer, we opted for a poem, narrated by Narcis - - I mean, Chris.

And so, as we ponder our classmates' decisions to go in different directions from us, we conclude that only one question remains. What do you think? We think it just doesn't matter.

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