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The students feel freedom through the experience with teacher beyond typical classroom.

The teacher left the students love and hope which was new experience for them. The students made meaning from his teaching and became emancipated from the traditional authoritative educational paradigm. The movie enlightened the audience they have power to have voice in their environment like the students.

They have courage to speak up against power- the courage to challenge authority. Their courage represent the true respect and loyalty to the teacher.

One teacher makes the students, who will be the maker of history, to open their eyes toward the future. The memory of the teacher will remain alive in students mind.

The students implemented theory (or what they learned) to practice by the act of standing. Not all students stood up, some remained in their chairs, which indicated that those who remained in their chairs did not put theory into practice, because of fear of repercussions from the administration.

(In terms of power positions, those students who remained in their chairs remind us of hyenas in "The Lion King", who were in a low position. The students by not taking a stand for what they believed to be right and to remain status quo, they were placed in a low position.....)

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