LLED 411 Secondary Language Arts I

iMovie Projects for Media Literacy

The following iMovie samples have been produced by preservice teachers in the course, Secondary Language Arts I (LLED 411) in order to maximize a conceptual understanding of and develop pedagogies for critical media literacy by creating their own short movies.

2005 Fall

Popularity by Jocelyn McNeel & Lindsey Semar

Do celebrities use what they advertise? by Jenna Swailes & Kristina Sundstrom

Reality TV Stereotypes by Christina Monaco, Brynn Ion, and Mark Scarpitti

Partying "Hollywood" Style by Michele Capaccio & Bradley Kavo

Rap Culture by Jesse Wilson & Brittany Sirlin

The Real World by Laura Nolan & Kelly Kenney

2006 Spring

Around the Clock by Kristin Wick & Kimberley Sinclair

The Reality of Reality TV by Jennifer Levin and Lauren Geary

Media Manipulation in Sports by Jaimye Christiansen & Katie McCarty

Beauty in Today's Media by Maria Denisova & Brittanie Smith

Violence in Cartoons by Melissa Kalwanaski & Emily Stevenson

The American Dream by Kelly Christie & Aaron Wrights

Online Social Networks by Tanya Vranicar & Carol Kacer

Art by Christina Weadon, Dana Kinek, & Brenda McCloskey

Women in the Media by Kristin Avagliano & Kaitlyn Wischum