LLED 411 Secondary Language Arts I

Lesson plans for literacy classrooms

The following web-based lesson plans have been constructed as initial practices before developing wholeUnit Plans by preservice teachers in the course, Secondary Language arts I (LLED 411). Through this activity to figure out what actual lesson plans are supposed to be and how technology skills of 'Dreamweaver program' can be utilized, the preservice teachers can develop further their final project, Unit Plans.


Grading Tools for Composition by Kim Sinclair and Kristin Wick

Literature Circles by Katie McCarthy and Jen Levin

Readers' Theatre Lesson Plan by Carol Kacer & Melissa Kalwanaski

Building Classroom Community by Dana Kinek and Christina Weadon

Reader-Response Theory and Application by Kaitlyn Wischum, Kristin Avagliano, & Emily Stevenson

Multiple Intelligence Activities For Assessment by Aaron and Kelly

Reading Choice by Lauren Geary and Maria Denisova

Two-footed Questions for Addressing Standards and Multiple Intelligences by Jaimye Christiansen & Bree McCloskey

Bloom's Taxonomy by Brittanie Smith & Tanya Vranicar